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Segmented Recordings
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General Entertainment
Funfone / Phunfone

Unique Songs & Skits
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Comment Lines
Talk Radio But On The Phone
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Other Recordings
Phone & Radio
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Paul Mack Presents
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Movieline #1 - 50
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Movieline #51 - 100
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Movieline #101 - 137
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the Wildeside
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Dual Phase Page
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The Gopher Twins
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The Machine 310-833-3339 &
Fluke 310-391-5336
Active Again


C*NET & TandemX are both are VOIP Asterisk based call processing network for Telephone Collectors
Phone Equipment & Exchanges Hooked Up To The Internet

LincMad Area Codes
Including a list of new codes

Telephone World
Information on this useful yet mysterious device called the telephone

Connections Museum (Seattle)
A working Panel and Crossbar electromechanical central-office switches. Working Step-by-Step and Crossbar PBX equipment as well as antique telephones, switchboards, outside plant displays (poles, cables, splicing equipment, and tools) and a reference library.

Evan Doorbell's Phone Tapes
Evan Doorbell Phone Tapes are a well known "documentary" of how the phone system used to sound like in the 1970's.

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Bill Mills (William Wilde)
William Wilde, Bill Mills Production ©2024

REC Telephone Network
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Description Of Content

There reportedly was a car dealer who got a telco-provided answering machine in the late 1950's early 1960's to take messages from his customers. When he discovered that people were then very reluctant to leave recorded messages (something which might be hard to imagine today), he started reading jokes on the outbound message. None of these messages were preserved, since apparently they were recorded directly onto the answering machine.

There are numerous stories like this -- and the idea of doing this seems to be about as old as the first answering machines. In fact, one of the main reasons pushing research in magnetic recording was to be able to use magnetic recorders to record phone messages.

The following recordings have been either recorded off of the telephone or are copies of the original. There might be some problems with the longer recordings when there is net congestion.

The Dial-A-Joke's used continuous loop tapes like 8 tracks or modified answering machines with several recordings and changed every couple of months. Recordings on lines like PhunFone changed every day.

The Comment Lines saved incoming messages for a while so enough content can be used for the next recording. They usually changed their tapes once a week.

Some of these lines don't last very long. The interest dies down or they get pestered by the callers to make new tapes. The playback or recording equipment might break down. They might not have the money to fix it. It can be very time consuming, just like now, making web pages and keeping them up to date.

It seems to me that the Internet and making Web Pages on the Internet is just like what line runners had to deal with. They both have an audience that are interested in the subject matter or content. The regular visitors see a Web Page regularly, usually expecting regular updates and sometimes make comments on improvements and changes. People on the phone that participate on the lines are more or less anonymous like they are on the Internet.

What's New

What's New Logo

Added a few Machine recordings.
Added a Shokus Hotline . Al, Stu, Dave and others taking a bus.
Added a Phunfone recording on How Television Works.
Added a recording by Mark Bernay

Randy Levin of "R" passed away 30 Nov 2022. He will be missed.
Added a Feedback recording that played from 17 to the 21st of 1979.
Added a reel that had several of my favories from The Machine that is in Stereo.

Added the remaining Bel Air Return recordings.
I'm going to check if there are any recordings that I have missed.
Added several Al Diamond recordings

Added recordings from a line called IT.
Added another version of the Ben recording.

Added several Bel Air Return recordings.
Phunfone recordings that interview people besides Al Bernay. And a few more Maps To Stars Homes educational tapes.
Also found some more Tummies recordings.

Added a few Maps To Stars Homes recordings. Two are comment tapes

Added several Machine recordings.

Added a few Machine recordings.
Converted Real Audio & Windows Media files to MP3 & OGG. And fixed several broken links.

Recovered the Phone Party pictures using the Archive.org Wayback Machine.
Phone Party Pictures

Added more recorings from The Machine.

Found a better copy of Ben while going through The Machine archives.

Thanks to Rich Hurley for the recordings from The Wrong Number

Thanks to Uncle Jeffy for eight tracks of Laffline recordings, and an old Al Diamond recording.

Thanks to Uncle Jeffy for recordings from "R", Convex and Tummies. Also for the newspaper clip about "R".

All of the pages at Paul Mack Presents have all been updated to HTML5. The Dial-A-Joke page is gradually getting updates with the HTML5 player. The Superfone recordings have been upgraded to full quality. Some of the Dial-A-Joke recordings off of the phone have been grouped together for easier listening.

The Superfone recordings have been upgraded to full quality. Some of the Dial-A-Joke recordings off of the phone have been grouped together for easier listening.
It looks like that the prefetch=none in the audio tag now works with Android and Apple devices. I am now converting the pages to HTML5 files that I wrote years ago. Also I'm getting rid of this mysterious question mark that is littered throughout the comment line page. I thought at first that it was from double-spaces. Some single spaces produce this character..

It's now on a service called Digital Ocean.

The site is back up again. Experimenting running Windows 10, running as a virtual Linux Mint using Microsoft's Hyper-V.

Because of the problem with iPad and Android devices accessing these pages, I had to shut down the server. It was using the majority of the bandwidth. The problem is the Safari browser. It seems to ignore

, so I changed it from none to metadata. It still loads part of the file so I'll take a look in the logs to see how much is being downloaded.
If this doesn't work the way I want it, I'll just provide links directly to the recordings.

I checked out what the Dial-A-Joke page looked like on an iPad and an Android device. Both locked up. The Android was a Toshiba Thrive. I looked it up in my server logs and found that the Android has something called Stagefright downloading the content. Not just one file, but all of the files on the page. I saw an iPad do the same thing.

The comment line page is done except for one recording. It is one Feedback tape whick is corrupted and can't even convert. I am working on the Dial-A-Joke page. Fluke was done today.

I have added a script that will show when pages have been recently updated.

All of the Paul Mack Presents pages have been updated and checked. I made some changes so you can see what pages have been updated "NEW!" within the last 30-days. The year dates that should be changed every year, will now do it automatically.

The Paul Mack Presents pages are done. The Main page, Movieline pages 1, 2, 3, Wildeside, PicturePhone and CinemaScoop. The page with the non catagorized recordings called Other has been updated. I have a couple more recordings to add. The Comment Line page is in the process of being updated. This one will take some time to do.

The Phunfone page is done. I found out that SoundKonverter can decode RealAudio files. I was able to encode those files to MP3 & Ogg. The William Wilde page is next. All that is left is to find and encode his songs.

I am adding MP3 and OGG files so that more people can listen to these classic phone recordings. The first page to get them is Phunfone. I am doing as many as I can each day. I have all of the Paul Mack Presents tapes encoded and uploaded. I just need time to add them to their pages.

I cleaned up some of the links down below. The next thing will be to add MP3 files, and maybe get rid of the RealAudio and Windows Media files. I'm going to start with the easiest ones first, like the ones from Paul Mack Presents and the other connent lines.

Check out Slurpcast: Mark Bernay & Wes get together once a week to eat dinner and chew and slurp into a microphone. Oh, yeah, we also discuss the latest technology and Internet news and often relate the new items to older technology.

Added some stuff from the guys at The Wrong Number, a funny Funeral Map and a couple of business cards.

I have finally posted the Sounding Board recordings
May 10th would have been Bryan W. Feedback's 50th birthday.

Happy New Year!!!
The system was down for a few weeks. I loaded a new version of the operating system and a new hard drive. I still need to check and see if most of the links work. There is a problem with the statistics software. The old database for it has been moved over.
I still have more content to add. Rex from Huntington Beach sent me an old tape of The Wrong Number. I was in contact with the guys at The Wrong Number. I think I found the artwork for The Wrong Number and will post that sometime this month. I also have several shows from the line called Soundingboard. Those came from the master tapes that Marc's roommate still has.
I'm still bummed about the loss of Al Diamond.

I received some bad news from Stu that Al Diamond (Al Bernay) has died.
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 10:39:37 -0700
To: ronaldgibson@hotmail.com
Subject: Al Bernay
Hi Ron...just so you know, Al Bernay died yesterday. He was at the Farmer's Market in Thousand Oaks and collapsed. They rushed him to the hospital and apparently he died while he was there. I think it was a heart attack, but I haven't talked to the coroner yet. I got this information from Mark Bernay, who is in Rome right now. Al had his address book on him and Mark Bernay's number was the first one that was listed. I'm sure I'll be hearing from someone soon. I'll keep you informed. And yes, if you want to make an announcement on your site, please do. A sad day for all of us...


I received a tape from Rex of Huntington Beach. It has several Wrong Number recordings.
Also a tape from Marc Soundingboard's roommate Allen.
I will get these up online in the next week or two

Contributors of Recordings

Thanks to the Contributors of this site:

Tom Santa Monica :
For the Bel Air Return reel-to-reel recordings dubbed off the original tapes. And for recording of other lines. Zzzzzz, Vermont, Shokus Hotline, Ben, IT (which I do not have), Fluke, and several from Al Diamond's line. There are some telephone sector newsline recordings that I may end up posting

Uncle Jeffy:
For the Fluke recordings dubbed off the Original tapes. Plus some posters and pictures. Also some Convex, Tummies and Laffline recordings.

Lynn Woodland Hills:
For the The Comedy Music Line, Electric Return, one Suprise, eleven Zygot, Laffline, the Al Bernay Interviews, Superfone recording, one Feedback recording, KROQ interview, Kindergarten Express & the many Why Not! recordings.

Michael Hollywood:
For the Polaroid picture of Laura 805 & Dan Dual Phase.

Paul Mack The Moviemaker:
For all of the recordings of all of the lines he as been on. Clothesline, The BS Line, Telephun, Dual Phase & Observatory. And for the 164 tapes that are now online. Also for the music and promos of your movies for the Paul Mack Web Page.

For the recordings on an old tape she sent me. Will start posting the recordings in July. There are recordings of Zygot, "ZZZZZZ", Funfone and "The Mainline".

Lori "Zygot in Culver City":
For the Sounding Board tape she made with Mark while still in California.
Thank You for your time to duplicate and send the tape.

Stu Phunfone:
For the work in getting "The Shokus Hotline" & "Funfone" out to the world again, so new people as well as old listeners can hear them. The Funfone series of recordings are classics. Now up to tape #125 with all the specials.

Mr. William Wilde:
For the work in getting "Nino Nukes Telephun" and other recordings.

Tom Politeo:
For the, five boxes of tapes of the machine and recordings of other lines. Like Aardvark (which I don't have), Phunfone Mailbag tape, several quality Zzzzzz and Vermont recordings. I have much more to post.

For finding and hosting the recording from "Ben".

Bob Westminister:
For several Feedback tapes, Zygot recordings from the master, The Machine, Wrong Number, the Thanx Line, History of Telephone Entertainment, Mobile Monolith, and the Phunfone skits that Stu doesn't have. Eight cassette tapes.

Mark Robbins:
For the 881-2345 Dial-A-Joke recordings.

Phone Lines On The Internet
  • K-Fone
    • Interactive Telephone Service is being raised from the dead......
    • 818-708-0000
      Soon Telco Line
      Experimenting with in VoIP:
  • REC Telephone Network

Other Phone Recording Links
  • Phone Trips by Mark Bernay
    • Recordings of how phone calls go thru. Step, Panel, & Crossbar.
  • Evan Dorbell's Phone Tapes
    • Recordings of how phone calls go thru. Step, Panel, & Crossbar.
  • Slurpcast
    • Mark Bernay & Wes get together once a week to eat dinner and chew and slurp into a microphone. Oh, yeah, we also discuss the latest technology and Internet news and often relate the new items to older technology.
  • PhoneTrips Blog
    • The phone phreak formerly known as Mark Bernay.

Telephone Related Sites
  • Areacode Information
    • Areacode History, New Codes, Maps, & Headline Announcements.
  • DefCon Convention
    • Annual Computer Hacking Convention In Las Vegas held every July.
  • I See Bald People.....
    https://www.iseebaldpeople.com/ or
    • Here you will see a close up of Al Diamond.
  • Telephone Related Information
    • Detailed Information on MANY items like "Why Not Use 8-Digit Numbers". Links to other phone related sites.
  • Virtual Telephone Museum
    • Old Telephone Equipment
  • Telcodata.US
    • Lookup by:
      • Areacode/Exchange
      • CLLI code
      • Company Name
      • Rate Center
    • Find:
      • 10-10 and 10-15 long distance dialing codes
      • Companies, By Areacode
      • Companies, By Ratecenter (Find a facilities based CLEC in your ratecenter)
      • Switches, by partial CLLI code (ex. PNTCMI finds PNTCMIMNDS0, PNTCMIWSCG0, etc)
      • Area codes, by state
      • Companies, by state (See who owns number blocks in your state)
    • Get Details:
      • Detailed Switch Information (See all information on a switch at a glance)
      • Tandem Search (beta) (Find all switches homed to a specific tandem)
      • Central Office Information (beta) (Find information on the central office in general)
    • Photos:
      • My photos (due to recent events, this is a rather abbreviated archive)
      • "Secret Pictures of Phone Switches (third-party) (Features the 1AESS, DMS-100, and 5ESS)
      • * "The Central Office" (third-party) (Photographs of the outside of central offices. Most of them are quite interesting)
      • Cell sites of Santa Cruz (third-party)

Hacking / Phreaking Organizations

Linux & BSD Operating Systems
  • Distrowatch
    • A list of Linux & BSD distributions by popularity and news of each updated release plus many links. There is a hit count for the top 100. There are individual pages for each distribution. Also a page on other operating systems and distributions that are on the waiting list. The waiting list is for distributions that have been recently discovered and usually are on it for three months. Some are on the waiting list longer because they either don't have an official release or that the release is not stable.
  • Howto Forge
    • HowtoForge is the source for Linux tutorials. Publish your howtos on HowtoForge.
      HowtoForge provides free hosting for Linux tutorials and discussion forums for everything related to Linux.
  • KDE-Apps
    • Applications for your KDE Desktop.
  • Linux From Scratch & Beyond Linux From Scratch
    • Linux From Scratch (LFS) is a project that provides you with the steps necessary to build your own custom Linux system.
    • Beyond Linux From Scratch (BLFS) is a project with the aim of assisting users from where LFS left off. It endeavours to assist users to develop their systems in line with their needs by providing a broad range of instructions for installing and configuring various packages on top of a base LFS system.
  • OSDir Screenshot Tours
    • Screenshots of Linux Distributions, both bootable CD's and full installations.
  • YoLinux Information Portal
    • This site is dedicated to providing tutorials, help, guides and links for Linux users.

  • Multimedia Linux Distributions
    • UbuntuStudio
      • Ubuntu Studio. A multimedia creation flavor of Ubuntu.
        Ubuntu Studio is aimed at the GNU/Linux audio, video and graphic enthusiast as well as professional.

    Very Useful Software
    • FileZilla
      • Use FileZilla to log into your Linux box running SSH to hide your passwords. FileZilla is a powerful FTP-client for Windows 9x, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP. It has been designed for ease of use and with support for as many features as possible, while still being fast and reliable.
        • Ability to resume Uploads/Downloads (if the server supports it)
        • Site Manager with folders
        • Keep Alive system
        • Timeout detection
        • Firewall support
        • SOCKS4/5 and HTTP1.1 Proxy support
        • SSL secured connections
        • ** SFTP support
        • Upload/Download Queue
        • Drag&Drop
        • Multi-language support
        • GSS authentication and encryption using Kerberos
    • WinSCP (Secure Copy)
      • WinSCP is an open source SFTP client and FTP client for Windows. Its main function is the secure file transfer between a local and a remote computer. Beyond this, WinSCP offers basic file manager functionality. It uses Secure Shell (SSH) and supports, in addition to Secure FTP, also legacy SCP protocol.
    • pfSense (Firewall)
      • pfSense is a open source firewall derived from the m0n0wall operating system platform with radically different goals such as using OpenBSD's ported Packet Filter, FreeBSD 6.1 ALTQ (HFSC) for excellent packet queueing and finally an integrated package management system for extending the environment with new features.

    VoIP & Asterisk PBX (Build Your Own PBX)

    • Asterisk PBX Software  ==   AsteriskNOW! Forums  ==   Asterisk-User Archives
      • Asterisk is a complete PBX in software. It runs on Linux and provides all of the features you would expect from a PBX and more. Asterisk does voice over IP in three protocols, and can interoperate with almost all standards-based telephony equipment using relatively inexpensive hardware.
        Asterisk provides Voicemail services with Directory, Call Conferencing, Interactive Voice Response, Call Queuing. It has support for three-way calling, caller ID services, ADSI, SIP and H.323 (as both client and gateway). Check the Features section for a more complete list.
        Asterisk needs no additional hardware for Voice over IP. For interconnection with digital and analog telephony equipment, Asterisk supports a number of hardware devices, most notably all of the hardware manufactured by Asterisk's sponsors, Digium™. Digium has single and quad span T1 and E1 interfaces for interconnection to PRI lines and channel banks as well as a single port FXO card and a one to four-port modular FXS and FXO card.
    • VoIP-Info
      • This Wiki covers everything related to VOIP, software, hardware, service providers, reviews, configurations, standards, tips & tricks and everything else related to voice over IP networks, IP telephony and Internet Telephony.
    • Asterisk Documentation Project
      • Great software needs great documentation. The goal of the Asterisk Documentation Project is to eventually deliver a comprehensive bookshelf of topics relevant to everyone in the Asterisk community. Since different people have different needs, we will divide the work into volumes, with each volume adressed to a particular type of user and subject. The most complete so far is Volume One: Getting Started With Asterisk.
        Check out the " Hitchhiker's Guide to Asterisk" in pdf form.
    • Nerd Vittles
      • Setup your own Asterisk PBX and other technologies. On your own PC, virtualization on your PC under Windows 10 Pro or using VirtualBox. Or using one of the many PC hosting sites. You can run it on a $35 Raspberry Pi board.

    Your Own Broadcasting
    On The Internet & AM Radio
    • Icecast
      • Software for Broadcasting On The Internet, Linux Platform and other platforms supported soon.  Same as Shoutcast.
    • Shoutcast
      • Software and a place to broadcast On The Internet.
    • PART15.US
      • Your Part 15 Radio Station Invormation site.
        Perhaps you didn't know, but you can legally own and operate your own AM radio station. FCC Part 15 Rules permit unlicensed transmitter input powers of 100 mW between 510 and 1705 kHz, enough power to span a small portion of many urban neighborhoods!
    • Campcaster (Radio Automation)     Developers Page
      • A free and open source automation system for radio stations
        Campcaster is the first free and open radio management software that provides live studio broadcast capabilities as well as remote automation in one integrated system.
        • Unmanned broadcast units can be controlled remotely through the Internet
        • An unlimited number of Campcaster-powered PCs in a radio station can deliver live broadcasts as well as program automation by accessing a central audio storage system
        • A station's library can be digitized and made centrally accessible from both local studios as well as the web
        • Reporters and show producers can file their reports and shows directly to the central archive fron the field via any web browser
    • DRM Transmitter Spark
      • A software transmitter for Digital Radio Mondiale.
        Spark is a software transmitter for DRM which allows you to encode up to 4 different AAC streams in one DRM multiplex configuraion. The multiplex- and transmitter configuration fully support the currently available DRM modes.
    • Dream DRM Receiver
      • Open-Source Software Implementation of a DRM Receiver under the GNU General Public License (GPL)
        Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) is a new digital radio standard for the long-, medium- and short-wave ranges. The standard was formed by a consortium in co-operation with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The new system offers the radio stations and new service providers access to the multimedia age with small bit rates for large target areas and long distances.
        Also includes a limited transmit mode.
    • Rivendell (Radio Autimation)
      • Rivendell is a complete radio broadcast automation solution, with facilities for the acquisition, management, scheduling and playout of audio content. It has all of the features one would expect in a modern, fully-fledged radio automation system, including support for both PCM and MPEG audio encoding, full voicetracking and log customization as well as support for a wide variety of third party software and hardware. As a robust, functionally complete digital audio system for broadcast radio applications, Rivendell uses industry standard components like the GNU/Linux Operating System, the AudioScience HPI Driver Architecture and the MySQL Database Engine. Rivendell is available under the GNU Public License.
    • Airtime (Radio Automation)
      • Airtime's intuitive interface lets you drag and drop shows for simple programming. Organise and collaborate with producers, DJs and programmers, wherever they are. Stream direct to Icecast or SHOUTcast, and show what's playing with widgets.

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