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The Machine 310-833-3339 &
Fluke 310-391-5336
Active Again


C*NET & TandemX are both are VOIP Asterisk based call processing network for Telephone Collectors
Phone Equipment & Exchanges Hooked Up To The Internet

LincMad Area Codes
Including a list of new codes

Telephone World
Information on this useful yet mysterious device called the telephone

Connections Museum (Seattle)
A working Panel and Crossbar electromechanical central-office switches. Working Step-by-Step and Crossbar PBX equipment as well as antique telephones, switchboards, outside plant displays (poles, cables, splicing equipment, and tools) and a reference library.

Evan Doorbell's Phone Tapes
Evan Doorbell Phone Tapes are a well known "documentary" of how the phone system used to sound like in the 1970's.

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Bill Mills (William Wilde)
William Wilde, Bill Mills Production ©2024

REC Telephone Network
Copyright ©2024 - REC Networks - All Rights Reserved.

The Digital Dog Pound

Joe Klein on TWiT with Leo LaPorte

Leo was interviewing people at the Podcast Convention in Las Vegas in 2009.
Joe Klein was one of the the voices on Zzzzzz, and the line runner of Superfone doing many of the voices.

Phone Phreaking on Tech This!

Technical Shows about phone stuff, phreaking and Asterisk PBX

Show #1 Mark Bernay, Strom Carlsom & Al Bernay on Tech This with Byron Lee 2/6/2003:

Show #2 - Tech This!
With John Draper 4/21/2006

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Show #1 - Mark Spencer on Tech This
Check out the Tom & Darryl Show for 4/29/2005. It has Mark
Spencer, Kevin Flemming & Russell Bryant all talking about Asterisk PBX.
They are planning on being on again in the future.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The Talk Zone for 08/23/2016
Bill Acker Tribute & Evan Doorbell Interview
Tonight we pay tribute to Bill Acker, one of the legendary phone phreaks. We play an excerpt about Bill Acker from a book by Phil Lapsley called Exploding The Phone. We also get a phone call from Bianca who patches in Evan Doorbell, another famous phone phreak who recorded many tapes from that era. You can join Evan Doorbell as he takes you on a journey into the world of phreaking by visiting www.evan-doorbell.com or www.phonetrips.com. This was a really cool show so please check it out!

KROQ Ineterview

Scott Mason from KROQ interviews four of the most well known comment line runners.
Bryan W. Feedback & Steven Z. Bloopline from "Feedback", and Dan "Dual Phase" & Paul Mack (the Moviemaker).
They explain telephone entertainment. This was at 3am.

Magic Mountain Commercial

Magic Mountain Commercial 1973 on KKDJ 102.7 Los Angeles

Disconnect Recording 1973

New York Telephone Commercial

A funny commercial that Bryan W. Feedback use to play on Feedback.

Red Box Tones

Red Box Tone For A Quarter
Red Box Tone For A Quarter

Red Box Tone For A Dime
Red Box Tone For A Dime

Red Box Tone For A Nickel
Red Box Tone For A Nickel

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